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YO & Associates, LLC, is a marketing consulting agency with one goal in mind: to help nonprofit organizations and associations hit their targets and achieve success. Starting in 2011 from a college dormitory, this network of talented freelancers—copywriters, graphic designers, SEO/SEM specialists, event managers, campaign strategists, and more—possesses more than 100 years of combined experience, with the project portfolios to back it up.

Our favorite words are flexibility and accountability. Sound strange? They go together! We make deadlines, set goals, test, measure, and adjust. That sense of ownership is felt by all YO & Associates team members and organizations we work with on projects as varied as membership growth, in-person and virtual event marketing strategy development, marketing operations, paid digital media buying/advertising, and new business initiatives.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate marketing professionals with the relevant experience to match.

What we can help your team deliver

Marketing Strategy Development

From events to political campaigns, the right roadmap makes all the difference. From navigation plans to taking the wheel as needed, we give you the keys to success.

Nonprofit Conferences & Events

Whether virtual or face-to-face, events are about connections and moments. Our event professionals successfully scale everything from life science to produce events – with no detail too small.

Membership Growth & Engagement

The strength of associations is reflected in their membership pipeline. We help align your value to the goals of your prospective members, for recruitment, retention, and long-term engagement.

Digital Media Marketing

Lead generation? Check. Alignment to core values? Check. Industry-enhancing eBook? You guessed it. Call it King or Queen, we just consider content marketing as the building block for all your brand-building initiatives.

Our mission

Partnering with YO & Associates allows you to:

  • Have a sounding board for creative ideas
  • Tap into deeply experienced marketing professionals at the top of their game
  • Grow on your schedule, on a project or retained-assistance basis
  • Craft the content audiences will love, with minimal staff burden
  • Feel confident that your strategic marketing is on track and packaged appropriately

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